Bolero Gravel Series

From this year, the successful Yuzzu Gravel Series will be called Bolero Gravel Series!

The four 2023 gravel events remain on the calendar thanks to a position switch. For instance, the magnificent Nationaal Park Gravel moves to spring and Pajot Gravel makes the reverse move to autumn. Pajot Gravel serves as the ultimate test for the Gravel World Championship a few weeks later. It is worthwhile knowing that Houffa Gravel again acts as the Belgian UCI qualifier for the World Gravel Championships in Halle/Leuven October 5-6.

The abundance of positive reactions and overwhelming enthusiasm following the Belgian/European Championship 2023 in Oud-Heverlee taught us that many gravel enthusiasts enjoy participating together with both familiar and unfamiliar gravel riders. For this reason, the Bolero Gravel Series will be organized according to a new format starting this year.

The group start per age group, already applied in the UCI Gravel World Series, will be introduced this year. There will be rankings per event as well as an overall ranking. Not to worry! If you prefer to start at your own pace or the group start isn’t your preference, you can opt for the free start. Everyone sets their own pace, goal, and intensity level. Read more about the new format here.

The courses of the four events are undergoing a major facelift, not only safety will undergo a thorough review, but the courses will also be revamped. You will be able to choose from 3 distances for each Bolero Gravel Series event. Both the novice and seasoned gravel riders will get their money’s worth.

There is no need to convince you of the Bolero Gravel Series experience anymore. With the help of our partners, we strive for high-quality, premium gravel events where atmosphere and conviviality are key. A snack, drink, all the necessary facilities, a dash of music, lounge area, various exhibition stands, etc… What more could you want?

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Once again this year, Bolero, KBC’s online investment platform, proudly sponsors the Gravel. Not only do we support the four Bolero Gravel Series, but also the Gravel World Championship, which takes gravel bikers from Halle to Leuven in early October. Like a gravel biker, a Bolero investor is a bit unconventional. Determined to find their own path, spirited, but above all, unwavering. With our user-friendly Bolero app or our web platform, you have full control over where you invest. Never lose your way, thanks to the Bolero blog and our daily newsletter ‘Beurs bij het ontbijt’ (Stock Market at Breakfast).

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Etixx Sports Nutrition offers everyone healthy support for sustained gravel performance. Thanks to our collaboration with this Belgian brand, you will be able to enjoy a qualitative supply of Etixx products (Isotonic, Energy Gel, Energy Sport Bar,…) during your Bolero Gravel Serie. Furthermore, you will enjoy exclusive promotions and discounts on the Etixx range after the event. In this way, we accompany all gravel adventurers to the finish line!